How To Make Any Room Look Bigger

Every homeowner wants more space. But if you are not lucky enough to live in a big house or airy loft with room to spare – create the illusion of space with these simple tricks.

  1. Create a mirror image. Place a large, single mirror in the room so that it reflects a focal point. A sizeable mirror can open a room, making it appear double its actual size. By reflecting both artificial and natural light, the space will appear both bigger and brighter.
  1. Let there be light. Keep window coverings sheer and open, and invest in lamps and LED spotlights. With no dark corners, a light filled room will naturally appear larger and more inviting. And by opening up the windows you will connect the room to outdoors, further enchasing the feeling of space.
  2. Consistently expel clutter. Clear out clutter. An untidy room can look half its actual size. A cluttered room will always seem smaller and more crowded.
  3. Plan out positions. Place larger items against walls, and never let furniture block walkways. By placing your furniture around the edges of a room, it opens up the center and enables you to move around freely, creating the illusion that the spice is bigger than it actually is.
  4. Floor to ceiling shelves. This adds height to a room – and some extra storage space. Short shelves break up the wall space, cutting the proportions. In contrast, ones that reach the ceiling make the walls appear taller, and the room grander, by drawing the eye upwards.
  5. Forget the fuss. When picking up a rug or wallpaper avoid busy patterns. Too many bold, busy or fussy patterns in a small room will make it appear cluttered.
  6. Lighten up. Stick to a light cool color scheme and mix it up with accent pieces. Dark colors absorb light, whereas pale shades reflect it, creating the illusion that the room is larger than it is.
  7. Scale to size. Furniture should be scaled so that it fits the dimension of the room. Large furniture takes up space. Plus oversized pieces, such as sofas, can dwarf the appearance of a room.