There is no cost to hiring a buyer specialist… but there sure is a price to pay if you don’t! Finding the right property takes time and consideration. To represent Buyers is the most challenging and interesting aspect of the real estate business and that’s exactly why I love it so much! Starting with the exciting hunt for the perfect house; leading with the thrill of making the good deal, and it ends with the wonderful joy that comes from helping people realize their dream. I’ll make sure you are happy from start to finish.  It can be exhausting process, but it’s always worth it in the end. I will give you 100% effort until we find you the perfect home at the right price.

These are the steps I take to find the right properties for you –

  • I can help you find the appropriate lenders to finance your new property. I’ll connect you with financiers with the resources and terms you need to be successful. The process of buying a home or investment starts with getting pre-approved (this will help establish the price range of homes that I will show you) for a mortgage loan. I will refer you to couple lenders so that you can pick the one you feel most comfortable with.
  • Once you know how much you can and want to spend on a home, the next step is to find the homes that most closely fit your needs. I will find homes available on the MLS for you, but sometimes the home you are looking for is available but is not actively advertised in the market. I will do some investigation and work hard to find all available properties that might fit your criteria.
  • Start searching for the right home or property. I will create an MLS search to notify you of all properties meeting your needs. You will receive continuous communication and updates as to how we’re doing and the progress and possibilities available to you.
  • I will act as your consultant, your guide, and your trusted advisor. If I believe something is not in your best interest, I will honestly communicate it with you.
  • I will run comps on the properties that are meeting your criteria, and I will review available market data and statistics, and determine which properties to visit. I’ll attend scheduled visits with you if necessary to ensure important details are not overlooked.
  • I will negotiate and offer price on the property that meets your needs. Negotiation will secure you are not overpaying and get the best possible price on the property. Then we’ll contact the proper parties to start the closing process and get the paperwork started (i.e. title company, inspectors, appraisals). There are many negotiating factors, including price, financing, terms, date of possession and often the inclusion or exclusion of appliances, fixtures, and furnishings that are addressed in a real estate purchase contract. The contract should provide a period for you to complete inspections and investigations of the home before you must complete the purchase of the home. This is called the due diligence period in Utah. I can advise you as to which investigations and inspections are recommended or required.


  • Due diligence -With a negotiated accepted contract in hand, it is time to complete a home inspection and any other tests or research about the home. Depending on the area, the year it was built and the home itself, this could include inspections for termites, radon, asbestos, roof condition, moisture conditions, etc. I can help you in finding qualified professionals to do most of these inspections. You will also want to see a preliminary report on the title of the property to ensure there are no liens on the home from contractors, etc. which the seller will provide, and I will review for you. I will evaluate the property extensively and make sure all tests are completed to avoid any complications at the closing.


  • Finally, there is the settlement and closing. Settlement is the process of signing all of the paperwork at the title company, and the closing is when the money exchanges hands for the purchase and the deed transfers to the new buyer. The title company will handle this process and will walk you through the paperwork required to close on your new home. I can guide you through the closing process and ensure that everything runs smoothly. After closing we will get keys to your new home for you and you can move into your new home!


The bottom line is I am 100% committed to our relationship and helping you every step of the way. Your best interests are first my priority. Together, with a little hard work, I can help you find the perfect home at the right price and make it a smooth and easy process for you to become a proud new homeowner.


What I expect from you –

The success of our relationship depends on open and honest communication. You need to let me know your likes, dislikes, what you want and don’t want. When you have concerns, I expect you to tell me about them, so that I can address them.

You will be receiving many hours of my time and professional guidance in this process, for which I will not be paid a single penny – until and unless we can accomplish your goals – I would like to ask for a special commitment from you.

For investing potentially 50-100 hours or more of my time in our relationship, helping you search, find and negotiate the purchase of a home for you, I would like to ask you to make a commitment to our relationship and allow me to serve as your exclusive buyer agent- it’s nothing more than an acknowledgement from both of us that we’re on the same page.

You understand we’re committing our time, resources and energy (without guarantee of compensation) to help you accomplish your goals. And for that, you’re assuring us that you’re committed to our relationship and you’re going to work with us in good faith.

If for any reason I don’t live up to your expectations… you can end our relationship.

So in conclusion, we’re forming a team… a partnership… a very important relationship with enduring implications. I am here to help you reach your goals. Let’s go out and find you the perfect home at the right price!




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