7 Adorable Baby Nursery Ideas 2017

I felt inspired by all the amazing ladies with lovely baby bumps in my friend’s circle. And that’s why I decided my blog post to be about babies nurseries. Such a cute topic, I really enjoyed myself surfing the internet looking for adorable ideas.

Many of the most precious moments will take place in your baby’s nursery; it’s a place you want it to be perfect.

To be honest, it was incredibly hard to choose the top 7. I made sure to feature in my selection girls, boys, and gender neutral rooms to have options. Hopefully, you like the picks and feel as inspired as I did.


1.Create a captivating space for your child to grow up in. A room like this is perfect for families who love to travel, introduce the adventurous life to your baby since day one with adorable characters from all over the globe gather over their native countries. Venture around the globe with this beautiful map mural. It is a lovely way to introduce the world to your little one.

2.Set the scene for a woodland nursery adventure with this forest mural wallpaper. This room is one of my favorites since I am a big nature lover. It’s lovely, gender neutral room with gloomy free spirit vibes.

3.This floral wallpaper is perfect for your little girl’s nursery! Inspired by vintage feminine design.There is something special about a room that is classic and timeless with the elegant vibe. Soft and delightful for a little baby girl. 

4.Tropical boho is a popular trend in 2017. It is inspired by natural beauty, bringing nature indoors. Bohemian interior design is random and busy…if you don’t want to follow any rules , it is perfect style for you …enjoy the free spirit with Cactus wallpaper and tiki tent. This room proves that you can still have a nursery with personality even if you don’t know the baby’s gender.

5.Dramatic mountain mural and fun animal characters in the frame is something every kid can appreciate. It’s kid like design with the right amount of masculine style for a baby boy.

6.It is common to create a kid’s room that doesn’t scream “kiddie” and offers a bit more sophistication. A room like this is a great idea if you want something that is easy to transition into big kid room later on. You can spice up the neutral wall color with different decorations hanging from the ceiling; Fluffy rugs and creative play corners are as fun as mural walls.

7.This design is simple and modern mixed with storybook ambiance. Perfect balance between being minimalistic but yet adorable with magical feels.